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21 - 22 July 2022

21 - 22 July 2022

Insight - Access - Engagement

Innovation & Partnering in the confluence of Neuroscience,  Psychiatry & Mental Health with Artificial Intelligence & Digital.

In-Person at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon.
Partnering delivered digitally to maximize opportunities without missing on-site networking or program participation. Details below.

Driving meaningful innovation, impact, improved healthcare and patient outcomes, and value creation in the confluence of research and innovation in neuroscience, psychiatry, artificial intelligence and digital health.

From A.I. enabled drug discovery and development, big data, digital biomarkers and trial design.  From advanced imaging, companion digital health and connected health, to rehabilitation to cognitive behavioral therapy. And from improved early diagnosis, monitoring and delivery of care, to true digital therapeutics for mental health, acute medicine, and both rare and chronic neurological disease. The pace of innovation is unprecedented and the potential for positive impact on patient outcomes and quality of life, improved delivery of care, healthcare expenditure, and societal benefit are enormous.

The Neuro, AI & Digital Innovation Summit is organized by Broadreach Global and Hosted by the Champalimaud Foundation, with Partners the European Brain Council (EBC), and the support of our Global Innovation Partners MBHB LLC, Patent Docs, Mazards. 
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  • Hear from key opinion leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from healthcare, finance, and the pharma, technology, medtech and healthech industries.

  • Cath keynotes on key technologies, applications and issues, and join panel discussions on opportunities and challenges.

  • Find out first hand the visions, innovation and partnering interests of industry leaders.

  • Connect with leading investors and understand their focus, investment interests, processes and criteria.

  • What are the applications of A.I. and digital in neurosciences, going beyond wellness, to drug discovery and development, personalized medicine and trial design,  as well as mental health, advanced medical imaging, acute care, chronic disease, and rare diseases.

  • What solutions can technology transfer from the world-leading institutions and most innovative private companies provide?

  • What cross-stakeholder collaboration is needed to drive real results and how do we build those collaborations? How does this apply to your own team?

  • Understanding the startup journey and path to market, what are the challenges and how can common pitfalls be avoided and risks managed?

  • Which partners can provide the expertise to move these innovations to the market?

Network, Connect & Partner with

- Neurologists, Psychiatrists & Clinicians
- Researchers & Engineers & Entrepreneurs
- Neuro, C.B.T., A.I. & Digital Health KOLs
- University & Institute Tech Transfer 
- Spinouts & Startups
- Growth Companies

- Pharma Neuro, CNS & Neuro Digital
- Tech, MedTech & HealthTech Industry 
- Venture Capital, Corporate & Angel Investors
- Public funding Bodies
- Health Systems
- Patient Organizations, Foundations & Charities

Speakers Include

Watch for Speaker Updates!



Full Program, All Sessions & Networking are In-Person at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, 21-22 July 2022

Program, Sessions & Networking are all In-Person
21-22 July at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon

The Partnering is Digital with detailed profiles, full partner search, meeting scheduling and private video meetings 25-26 July, powered by BiotechGate Digital Partnering 


Centro de Investigação da Fundação Champalimaud
Avenida Brasília, 1400-038
Lisbon, Portugal
Co-Organized with Host Partners
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Thanks to our Global Innovation Partners

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