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4 - 5 October 2022

  Insight - Access - Engagement  

Innovation & Partnering at the confluence of Neuroscience & Mental Health with Artificial Intelligence & Digital.

Calling all neuroscience, psychiatry and digital health innovation-leaders, decision-makers & KOLs, from all stakeholder groups, to join an open format, high-engagement, interactive, cross industry, multi-disciplinary summit of roundtable discussions on meeting both the challenges and the opportunities in brain health innovation.

In-Person at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon.
Digital Partnering takes place subsequently, Nov. 28 - Dec. 2,  for 5 full days of premium digital partnering in a dedicated stream with a global network on the BiotechGate Digital Partnering Platform.  This approach is designed to maximize partnering opportunities without missing out on the in-person networking and program sessions.

Driving meaningful innovation, impact, improved healthcare and patient outcomes, and value creation in the confluence of research and innovation in mental health, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and digital health.

From A.I. enabled drug discovery and development, big data, digital biomarkers, Real World Data and trial design.  From advanced imaging, companion digital health and connected health, to neuromodulation, V.R. and cognitive behavioral therapy. And from improved early diagnosis, imaging, sensors, monitoring and delivery of care, to true digital therapeutics. The pace of innovation is unprecedented, the paradigms are changing, and the potential for positive impact on patient outcomes and quality of life, improved delivery of care, healthcare expenditure, and societal benefit are enormous.

The Neuro, Digital & A.I. Innovation Summit is organized by Broadreach Global and Hosted by the Champalimaud Foundation, with Partners the European Brain Council (EBC), and the support of our Global Innovation Partners and other key stakeholder organizations.

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  • Hear from key opinion leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and decision-makers from healthcare, finance, and the pharma, technology, medtech and healthech industries.

  • Catch keynotes on key technologies, applications and issues, and join panel discussions on opportunities and challenges.

  • Find out first hand the visions, innovation and partnering interests of industry leaders.

  • Connect with leading investors and understand their focus, investment interests, processes and criteria.

  • What are the applications of A.I. and digital in mental health & neurosciences, going beyond wellness, to drug discovery and development, personalized medicine and trial design,  CBT, neuromodulation, advanced medical imaging, from mental illness to chronic disease and rare disorders.

  • What solutions can technology transfer from the world-leading institutions and most innovative private companies provide?

  • What business models & treatment paradigms hold promise, where are the real challenges,  what needs to be revisited, and what are the paths forward?

  • What cross-stakeholder collaboration is needed to address challenges, drive real results and achieve the true potential impact, and how do we build those collaborations? How does this apply to your own team?

  • Understanding the startup journey and path to market, what are the challenges and how can common pitfalls be avoided and risks managed?

  • Which partners can provide the expertise to move these innovations to the market?

Network, Connect & Partner with

- Neurologists, Psychiatrists & Clinicians
- Researchers & Engineers & Entrepreneurs
- Neuro, C.B.T., A.I. & Digital Health KOLs
- University & Institute Tech Transfer 
- Spinouts & Startups
- Growth Companies

- Pharma Neuro, CNS & Neuro Digital
- Tech, MedTech & HealthTech Industry 
- Venture Capital, Corporate & Angel Investors
- Public funding Bodies
- Health Systems
- Patient Organizations, Foundations & Charities


Pawel Swieboda

Pawel Swieboda, Director General - Human Brain Project, and CEO - EBRAINS

Andy Keller

Andy Keller, President & CEO, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Texas

Maneesh Juneja

Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist

Nick Taptiklis

Nick Taptiklis, Head of Technology Strategy, Cambridge Cognition

Pamela Tanaerts

Pamela Tenaerts, Chief Scientific Officer, Medable

Joachim Scholpp

Joachim Scholpp, Global Head Translational Medicine, CNS, Retinal Health & Emerging Areas, Boehringer Ingelheim

Solome Tibebu

Solome Tibebu, Founder, Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech

John Krakauer

John Krakauer, Professor of Neurology, Neuroscience, and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Harris Eyre MD PhD

Harris Eyre MD PhD, Lead, Brain Capital Alliance. Co-founder, PRODEO Institute

Shwen Gwee

Shwen Gwee, Digital Health & Corporate Innovation Executive, ex BMS Global Head of Digital Strategy, ex-Novartis BIOME & Open Innovation co-founder

Paulo Machado

Paulo Machado, CEO/Founder Health Innovation Partners

Mark Treherne

Mark Treherne, Chairperson Monument Therapeutics

Vreni Schoenenberger

Vreni Schoenenberger, Global Franchise Head, External Affairs /Partnership Strategy, Novartis

Juan Carlos Lopez

Juan Carlos Lopez, Managing Director, Research Grants, RTW Charitable Foundation

Beth Wolff

Beth Wolff, Director Digital Health Solutions, BD&L Search & Assessment, Lundbeck A/S

Naomi Glover

Naomi Glover, Co-Founder/Director, Applied Neuroscience Association

James Bair

James W. Bair, Managing Director/Partner, Baraka Impact Finance

Joe Paton

Joe Paton, Director of Neuroscience & Principal Investigator, Champalimaud Foundation

Vaibhav A Narayan

Vaibhav A Narayan, Executive Vice President & Head of Strategy & Innovation, Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative (DAC)

Karl Nägler

Karl Nägler, Managing Partner, Wellington Partners Life Sciences

Beth Shafer

Beth Shafer, Vice President & Head, Business Development, Takeda (to be confirmed)

Ana Maicques

Ana Maicques, CEO & Co-Founder, Neuroelectrics

Amit Khanna

Amit Khanna, Global Program Head, Parkinson’s & Neuroscience Digital Programs, Novartis

Matthieu Vallin

Matthieu Vallin, Vice President, Digital Health Innovation, Octopus Ventures

Eduardo Emrich Soares

Eduardo Emrich Soares, Operating Partner, Zentynel Frontier Investments Brazil/Chile

Frédéric Destrebecq

Frédéric Destrebecq, Executive Director, European Brain Council (EBC)


João Bocas, The Wearables Expert, Digital Health Influencer, CEO, Digital Salutem

Katrina Laks

Katrina Laks, Co-Founder & CEO, Migrevention

Karl Hess

Karl Hess, Managing Director, Outcome Capital

Hana Besbes

Hana Besbes, Investor, Heal Capital

Junaid Bajwa

Junaid Bajwa, Chief Medical Scientist, Microsoft (to be confirmed)

Julia Prakapovich

Julia Prakapovich, Partner, InterFace Fund (to be confirmed)

Christian J. Suojanen

Christian J. Suojanen, CEO - Broadreach Global, Member of the Executive Board - European Brain Foundation

Watch for updates




Full Program, All Sessions & Networking are In-Person at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, 4 - 5 October 2022

Program, Sessions & Networking are all In-Person
4 - 5 October at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon

The Partnering is Digital with detailed profiles, full partner search, meeting scheduling and private video meetings, powered by BiotechGate Digital Partnering, and takes place following the summit over 5 full days of global digital partnering Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, in order to allow you to participate and network fully on-site and in-person, without sacrificing any of your partnering meetings, or vice versa. 


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